lakester (lakester) wrote in slashysouls,

Sea of souls vid - Craig/Nick

Title:'Used to be friends' or 'The Tragic Ballad of Craig and Nick
Focus: Craig/Nick
Spoilers: Episode 3.2, Oracle
Music: We used to be friends - The Dandy Warhols
YouSendIt Link: Link here
Size: 16.7Mb
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Oh so brilliant! They are so much love. Dude:):):):):):):):):):) Perfect perfect song for them, too.
They are so in love, yes. :is happy that came across:

‘Tis the story of the episode, really; boy meets boy, boy abandons boy for the bright lights of the city, boy goes a bit nuts with a shotgun – I’m surprised someone hasn’t already written a country music song about it.
You are the Queen of Sea of Souls songvids. Apart from the fact that you totally share that title with jekesta.

Anyway. Amazing. Loved it. I had sort of forgotten what Nick looked like, which was a suprise. But Craig and Nick! They used to be friends...a long time ago... Fabulous choice of song, sort of offhand, the way they are with each other, but with a sad undercurrent. And all the looks! I love the looks. It is one of my favourite things about Sea of Souls. Telling, open-to-interpretation looks. Also Craig. But yes. I may poke you later on to reupload this when I have my own computer and can save it.

I am so torn between OTPs.
Yay. :shares sparkly crown:

Yes, they have sort of gotten used to taking each other for granted. But then they look at each other and just SQUEE. Am glad that came across in the vid, yes. Watching the footage for the vid has given me all kind of thinky thoughts about the episode.

No, there is no need to be torn, no - just tweaking of timelines and then the having of the cake and eating it too.
Totally cool vid, with THE perfect song :)
I know it's wrong, but some bit in that amused me, like how Craig just jumps over the guy who's been shot when he goes to chase Nick, or how he shuts ONE, GLASS door, but not the big wooden one.

Also, a lot of the shots were in time with the music, which was totally brilliant as there's quite a few fanvids out there where timing is completley non-existant. I particularly like the timing when Craig's car went up in flames. Spot on.
Thanks for your comments and timing, yes.

Craig - well he's really not acting sensibly from the moment he hears a gunshot and runs towards it, is he?.
Oh! That's brilliant :D I love how you got a great feel for Nick and his obsessive nature, and how even though you got the scary crazy!Nick bits in there you kept flicking back to friendly!Nick as well. Oh the meaningful looks! Oh the angst which naturally latches onto this pairing! Oh the love that can never fully be realised because Nick't a bit too crazy!

Wonderfull vidding skills!
Thanks. And yes, 'cause although Nick goes a bit homicidal and loopy, he's still Nick, you know? At least I think Craig would think so. And they do look at each other a lot, don't they?

:) Hello. Can you reupload this now please? ::shiny eyes of PLEASE::
:succumbs to poking and eyes:

Here - Craig/Nick vid